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Dynamic Music For The Entertainment Industry

APSAROKE MUSIC Studios provides unique high quality music for commercial, radio, live stage, and small and large screen entertainment. Documentary and International ethnic music are a specialty.

Why choose Apsaroke Music?

1. Projects completed on time, within budget.

2. Professional attention to the projects needs, without ego distractions.

3. Music is actually read, written, arranged, and conducted.

4. Wide and varied experiences brings the exact style and feel for the project.

5. Formal training in Classical Studies, Jazz, Electronic and Film formats.

6. Past projects include Grammy nominations and award, National and worldwide recognition, Academy Award nomination (Documentary).

7. Knowledge and proficiency in all major computer music programs on both the PC and MAC.

8. Vast Libraries of traditional, ethnic, and world instruments, sound effects, and ambient textures.

9. Experience includes Music Supervision, Music
Editing, and Sound Designing.

10. Facilities for pre-production, recording, post-production, and mastering.

11. Located in Sherman Oaks, CA, minutes from all major studios, and post houses.

We would be happy to provide additional cue examples and meet with you to discuss your ideas, and musical/sound effects needs.


Ka-Hay, Sho’o Daa’ Chi

(Hello in the Crow Indian Language)